Water Irrigation and Well Digging

Sustaining Life

Water is the source of all living beings. It nourishes humans, enables the growth of plants and vegetation, and sustains animals. However, despite this, according to international statistics, one in every 10 individuals faces severe thirst and lacks access to a safe water source. This number is not just one or a hundred; it is approximately 785 million people, mostly women and children. They cannot find water to quench their thirst, grow their food, meet the needs of their livestock, or fulfill their daily requirements. Thirsty individuals around the world are waiting for us to provide them with a sip that quenches and nourishes them, not just water, but the essence of life.

Don’t just give them a sip of water; provide them with an everlasting river.

Your donation to the organization’s projects does not only mean that you have contributed to quenching the thirst of a single individual. It means that you have preserved their lives and bestowed upon them, by the grace of God, a healthier, safer, and more prosperous existence for themselves, their community, and the creatures around them. The organization’s projects provide a source of clean water.