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Who Are We

Eliminating poverty is not just a charitable act; it is the realization of justice

"The International Organization for Human Rights and Refugee Affairs is an international organization concerned with human rights and refugee issues. It embodies the global commitment to promote and protect the full range of human rights and freedoms enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and to advocate for the rights and right to life of refugees."

The High Commissioner and the Commission have the following mandates:

Promoting and protecting human rights for all: We express our objective views in the face of human rights violations and help establish the standards used to evaluate progress in the field of human rights worldwide.

Defending the rights of refugees and their legitimate right to return to their homelands through the Commissioners and organization offices around the world.

Contributing to empowering peoples: Our research, education, and advocacy activities contribute to raising awareness among the international community and the public on human rights issues and increasing engagement in them. This means empowering thousands of people worldwide to assert their rights.

Assisting governments: Through our presence in the field, we contribute to preventing abuses and mitigating situations that could lead to conflict. Our monitoring and analysis activities inform sensitive decision-making processes and development programs. We provide capacity-building services and legal advice to thousands of individuals and support the enactment of sound laws and policies worldwide.

Integrating a human rights perspective into all United Nations activities: We work to mainstream human rights considerations in all United Nations activities to ensure that peace, security, development, and human rights—the three fundamental pillars of the United Nations—are interconnected and mutually reinforcing.

Dr. Majid Al-Rukabi

High Commissioner for the Middle East and North Africa

Introduction to the organization

The International Organization for Human Rights and Refugee Affairs is a non-profit, non-governmental international organization licensed in the United States. It is concerned with protecting human rights and advocating for the rights of refugees and their right to return to their homeland or integrate into host communities in accordance with international law on human rights and refugee affairs. The organization embodies the global commitment to promoting and protecting the full range of human rights and freedoms enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The organization faces major humanitarian and developmental challenges that confront impoverished and needy people worldwide. It initially focused on assisting children affected by crises and disasters before expanding its scope to encompass various humanitarian and developmental sectors. The organization has allocated over $29 million to humanitarian and developmental projects in the past three years, benefiting over 100,000 individuals worldwide in areas such as education, health, water and sanitation, food, economic empowerment, childhood, social welfare, and social cohesion.

The Middle East and North Africa Commission works to provide all forms of humanitarian support through its team operating in all Arab countries to achieve the noble objectives of the organization.

Vision of the orgaization

The International Organization for Human Rights and Refugee Affairs operates with a global approach, in cooperation and coordination with organizations and countries, to address all issues related to human rights and refugee affairs. The organization holds a vision of a world in which all individuals, regardless of any discrimination, enjoy their fundamental rights that enable them to live with dignity in all circumstances. It seeks to achieve a world that ensures the rights of peoples and communities to development and peace, as well as their rights to protection and assistance in times of exceptional circumstances during disasters and crises.

Mission of the organization

The organization’s mission is to be an international development and humanitarian organization that draws on diverse optimal human experiences, with the aim of achieving the maximum impact possible. The organization works to promote responsible solidarity with the most vulnerable social groups, especially children facing difficult circumstances. It provides support to the most in-need social groups, based on the principles of human dignity and social justice, through collaboration with development and humanitarian partners. The organization strives to fulfill its mission on five main levels:

  • Promoting social development and values of generosity, giving, and solidarity in the Arab world.
  • Achieving a decent life for needy and vulnerable children and their families around the world.
  • Contributing to achieving comprehensive and sustainable development for needy communities.
  • Alleviating the suffering of displaced persons, refugees, and those affected by humanitarian crises and advocating for their fundamental rights.
  • Contributing to promoting peace and social cohesion through cultural, social, and economic development.

Goals of the organization

What are we aiming for...?

The organization adheres to the International Human Rights and Refugee Affairs framework in order to achieve its mission, which includes a robust framework for results known as the High Commissioner for Human Rights Management Plan. This roadmap is based on consultations with member states, the United Nations system, civil society, donor community, and the private sector. The current management plan is built upon the Development Plan for 2023 and covers the period between 2023 and 2026.

Human values

Belonging and Respect

Belonging and Respect

The International Organization for Human Rights and Refugee Affairs, by virtue of its origins, belongs to a civilization that has been distinguished throughout history by its generosity and benevolence. This civilization excelled by making benevolence a deeply rooted culture in society, embodied by mechanisms that have proven their effectiveness in establishing charitable work and ensuring its sustainability in meeting the basic needs of the poor and serving the community, as is the case with both the service-oriented and investment-oriented aspects of endowment. The pride of the International Organization for Human Rights and Refugee Affairs in this affiliation does not negate the organization’s recognition that charitable work and the values of benevolence represent a common denominator for all civilizations. Therefore, the efforts of others from various cultural backgrounds deserve the organization’s utmost respect and appreciation.

Transparency and compliance

Transparency and compliance

The International Organization for Human Rights and Refugee Affairs ensures the availability of all relevant information about the organization, its achievements, and its working methods to those who have the right to access it. This is done in a transparent and accurate manner, respecting the right to access information. Additionally, the organization upholds compliance requirements by adhering to laws, regulations, and rules that govern its operations in general.

Collaboration and integration

Collaboration and integration

The International Organization for Human Rights and Refugee Affairs recognizes the importance of collaboration among all stakeholders in humanitarian work. Individual capacities alone may not be sufficient to respond to the needs of the poor. However, the organization believes that effective collaboration requires integration of resources and efforts, while appreciating the unique advantages that each party brings.

Responsibility and accountability

Responsibility and accountability

The International Organization for Human Rights and Refugee Affairs demonstrates a strong sense of responsibility in carrying out its roles, ensuring that it fulfills its commitments towards various stakeholders, with beneficiaries being at the forefront. Emphasizing the spirit of responsibility that characterizes its performance, the organization also affirms its readiness to be held accountable by different stakeholders, including beneficiaries, relevant government entities in host countries, donors and supporters, regulatory bodies, and others.

Achievement and creativity

Achievement and creativity

The International Organization for Human Rights and Refugee Affairs follows a results-oriented approach, and therefore, it values achievement. This is because achievement serves as a measure of delivering benefits to people. The organization strives to ensure that its achievements are distinguished by going beyond conventional approaches that have proven to have limited impact. The organization works to enhance creativity in all its efforts, services, and collaborative relationships. By fostering creativity, the organization aims to innovate and find new solutions that effectively address the needs and challenges of human rights and refugees.