Board members

The High Commissioner for the Middle East and North Africa

Dr. Majid Al-Rukabi

Dr. Majed Al-Rukbi is the High Commissioner for the Middle East and North Africa, and he is a prominent and esteemed figure in the international community. He enjoys a good reputation and extensive experience in international affairs and diplomatic relations. Dr. Majed Al-Rukbi is considered a living example of leaders who strive to achieve balance and stability in the region.

As the High Commissioner for the Middle East and North Africa, he is responsible for monitoring political, economic, social, and security issues in the region. He works to improve relations between countries and international organizations and strives to enhance cooperation and understanding among the parties involved. His efforts focus on resolving regional conflicts and promoting stability and peace in the region, in addition to supporting sustainable development and human rights.

Dr. Majed Al-Rukbi is known for his ability to work under pressure and make decisive decisions in the face of complex international challenges. He is an inspiration to ambitious young men and women and is committed to achieving progress and positive change in the region.

Thanks to his experience and extensive knowledge of international affairs, Dr. Majed Al-Rukbi is respected and appreciated by colleagues and international partners. He is considered one of the prominent figures contributing to building bridges of cooperation and understanding between cultures and civilizations in the Middle East and North Africa.


Dr. Majid Al-Rukabi

High Commissioner for the Middle East and North Africa

C. Hamid Musa Zidan

International Affairs Advisor

Dr. Mohammed Hamama

Media Affairs Advisor

Imad Majid Rukabi

Public Relations Manager

Rapper Kamal Saeed

Branch Manager of Sulaymaniyah - Iraq

Muhammad Haider Yusuf

Human Rights Consultant

Dr. Mamdouh Mustafa

Commissioner of the Kingdom of Jordan

Rabab Baker

International Relations Manager

Dr. Makram Amira

Chairperson of the Legal Affairs Committee

Al-Sheikha Nawal Hamid Al-Sabah

Chairperson of the Human Rights Committee

Dr. Summer Younes

Chairperson of the Heritage Committee

Dr. Mayara Hamid Salem

Commissioner for Women's Affairs

Dr. Samar Habib Ali

Chairperson of the Children's Rights Committee

Dr. Osama Baghati

Education Affairs Advisor

Shady Anthony

Lebanese Commissioner

Sorour Abdelkhaleq Abbas

Legal Affairs Advisor

Ahmed Amer Al-Ajmi

Commissioner for Human Rights

Salim Ali Kavugula

Commissioner for Refugees

Dr. Saad Amer Al-Ajmi

Kuwaiti Commissioner

Hisham Obaid Muhammad

German Commissioner